Peer to Peer Video Conferencing

Conference calling has been available for years, but it never really achieved its full potential until the technology developed further. Those advances have arrived with Blue Jeans video conferencing. With Blue Jeans, there's no need to invest in expensive hardware MCU's for your company's video conferencing needs.

That's the beauty of a peer to peer oriented, cloud based platform like Blue Jeans. It's just a simple, easy to use way to connect clearly and efficiency with your coworkers and clients. There's no catch, just satisfaction.

No More Hardware MCU

At Blue Jeans Network, we're always looking toward the future of communications. For practical business video conferencing to move forward, that meant moving beyond reliance on hardware MCU's or Multipoint Control Units. Businesses experience up to 75% savings using Blue Jeans when compared to the five-year total cost of ownership for a typical hardware based MCU.

Aside from the prohibitive price tag of these devices, they're simply inefficient in the face of the cloud based revolution. Now, with Blue Jeans, companies are able to take advantage of a peer to peer video conferencing experience with full interoperability between platforms, truly revolutionizing the video conferencing bridge.

Designed for Enterprise

With its capacity for instant deployment, widespread scalability, and single sign on support (SAML), Blue Jeans is well equipped for enterprise rollout and implementation. Although Blue Jeans acts as a peer to peer conferencing system, system administrators have easy access to a personalized Command Center, giving them the tools to identify and solve problems, monitor utilization, and access live meeting data. Blue Jeans Command Center provides top-level graphs and interactive dashboards so admin can track use and data at all times.

Collaboration Tools

The cloud based peer to peer video conferencing bridge is the perfect solution for collaboration. Whether colleagues are across the office or across the globe, Blue Jeans supports streamlined high definition content sharing within the conference, so team members can seamlessly collaborate on their latest projects. With connectivity options through your browser, your mobile device, or your laptop, collaboration is easier than ever.

Sign up for your two week unlimited free trial and start peer to peer video conferencing with Blue Jeans today!