Online Video Conferencing with Blue Jeans

In our increasingly interconnected business world, the tools we use to do our jobs need to accomplish more. At BlueJeans Network, we understand that need and have built BlueJeans to facilitate a range of enterprise online meeting functions. From advanced presentation tools to large scale online meeting support, BlueJeans is advancing what online video conferencing can be, making your online meetings more simple, streamlined, and capable.

Check out some of the ways our users are putting Blue Jeans video conferencing to work in the fields of Education, Healthcare, and Law:

Blue Jeans for Education

Educational institutions have been able to leverage online video conferencing tools to create innovative opportunities for learning both in and outside of classroom. Top universities like Stanford, Berkeley, the University of Michigan, and Princeton are equipping their students, faculty, and administrative staff with the rich online meeting tools from BlueJeans. Whether it's a hybrid class with online and classroom components, extended virtual office hours, or research collaboration between campuses, BlueJeans is giving schools the online meetings they need to move education forward.

Blue Jeans for Healthcare

Access to quality healthcare is one of the touchstone issues of our time. With Blue Jeans for Healthcare, we're seeking to close the gap in healthcare access with technology-based solutions. Video conferencing holds an exciting potential for many areas of the healthcare industry. With telemedicine, rural healthcare providers can consult specialists around the world in order to provide their patients with the best treatments. In the recovery process, treatment no longer ends when patients leave their care facility, as video conferencing can create a virtual meeting space for group therapy. Check out how medical device distributor, Sarnova is using video conferencing to support collaboration and increase productivity.

Blue Jeans for Law

Legal professionals can use Blue Jeans to deliver better support for their clients with more face-to-face communications and a broader range of options for connectivity, whether those take place from a room system, desktop, laptop, or even a mobile device. For quick conversations and updates, Blue Jeans lets legal representatives and clients connect with a clear face-to-face conversation, but without the hassle of a commute.

Mark Coupe, Telecommunications Engineer at Edwards Wildman & Palmer, LLC explains how the law firm has benefitted from Blue Jeans online video conferencing,

Blue Jeans works every time, the connections are reliable, sound and video quality are great and the user interface is simple. It's really everything I want out of a conferencing system. It works so well for me that it recedes into the background and I never think about it, and I always prefer Blue Jeans over everything else, even Skype.

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