Online Video Conference Solutions

Organizations turn to online video conference solutions to unify dispersed teams and maintain relations with clients. But that's not all a video conferencing should offer. An all-in-one conferencing system lives in the cloud, connects users through a diverse range of accessible endpoints and offers high quality video for transparent communication.

Learn more about Blue Jeans online video conference solutions below.

Cloud-Based Flexibility

Communicating in the cloud certainly has its benefits. From avoiding costly and limiting MCU hardware to storing meeting recordings with your Blue Jeans account, you won't have to think about where your share-worthy documents live. Blue Jeans cloud-based conferencing service also lets organizations scale at their pace. Instead of an expensive one-time ballpark decision on physical equipment, you can adapt on the go, adding virtual ports as the need arises. Join the Blue Jeans virtual workplace and allow your employees to communicate, collaborate and accomplish their best work, regardless of location.

Endpoint Interoperability

Major progressions in technology have given us the pick of the litter in terms of the devices and software we use to get things done. Blue Jeans recognizes this by supporting a broad range of endpoints, ranging from room systems to internal chat clients like Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Lync.

Check out the full scope of Blue Jeans supported endpoints:

  • Blue Jeans iOS and Android mobile apps
  • H.323 and SIP room conference systems
  • PSTN Mobile or Landline Audio Bridging
  • Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer browsers
  • Google Hangouts
  • Cisco Jabber, LifeSize Softphone, Polycom RealPresence, Avaya Scopia
  • Microsoft Lync

High Quality Resolution

Two of the biggest barriers to online video conference services are being difficult to use and delivering less-than-stellar picture quality. Blue Jeans gives two-way screen sharing a face-lift, offering real-time HD, 1080p resolution video. Convenient dual-streaming technology keeps presenters in clear view, even while video clips or other content are shared on a meeting. Users can customize presenter and content windows to their preferences, or zoom in on smaller details for a closer look. Whether you're sharing a slide deck, spreadsheet or video promo, be at ease knowing your content's being delivered in a quality that'll do it justice.

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