Online Video Communication Done Right

You've likely read it on a tech blog, or through your dispirited friend talking about their bureaucratic organization: the future of office communication starts and ends with online video communication. But why is this? Why now, are employees craving a different way to work? Perhaps they've become disenchanted in being tied to organizational walls, or maybe there wasn't a feasible platform that allowed communication and content sharing to take place in a near-effortless manner.

Whatever the case, smartphones and the internet have changed the way we communicate with one another, on professional, friendship and even romantic levels. Whether we want to admit it or not, we're all in on this virtual communication thing.

Keep reading to learn why BlueJeans is the online video communication platform of today (and tomorrow).

Flexible Endpoint Connection

The way in which we communicate with one another has changed, so why should our connection options be limited?

Connect to BlueJeans using the following endpoints:

  • BlueJeans iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • H.323 and SIP Room Systems
  • Chat clients like Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Lync
  • Third-party soft clients such Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, LifeSize

Large Attendee Support

A meeting platform with high-quality video and flexible connectivity features sounds nice, but provides little value if it can't support your entire team or department on a video call. Any standard BlueJeans account comes equipped to support 25 interactive video endpoints, with our Large Meeting add-on upping that number to 100.

For larger, international organizations and companies that like to webcast, we recommended BlueJeans Primetime.

  • Support for 100 interactive presenters and up to 3,000 remote attendees
  • "Raise Hand" feature transitions remote attendees to interactive presenters and vice versa.
  • deal for company-wide announcements, content premieres, and hosting professional webinars.

Rich Sharing Features

Now that you have your choice in how you connect, and know your large attendee needs can be supported, it's time think about content sharing. From budget proposals and sales training slide decks to the latest working version of that eBook, it's easiest to collaborate when you can see faces and content alongside each other.

BlueJeans Rich Content and Video Sharing allows you to:

  • Preload HD video files to your cloud account
  • Share content and video up to 1080p resolution
  • See presenters and their shared content in separate view windows
  • Store content and video to your cloud account
  • See shared content and video at the same rate as all users
With support for all standard-based file formats, no media player required to download and a “push-to-talk” feature limiting disruptions, you can finally get down to business without worrying about external tech issues getting in the way.

Better online video communication is within your reach. Contact us today with questions, or sign up for a two-week unlimited free trial to see how the platform works for yourself!