Online Conferencing Convenience

Whether you're holding training sessions, academic classes or town hall meetings, online conferencing is a great way to promote personal and professional communication for people who are not in the same geographic location. There are many qualities to look for in an online conferencing tool. Innovative enterprise security, seamless content sharing and expansive features are just a few, which can improve the privacy and quality of any online conferencing meeting. Throw in device interoperability and participation becomes that much easier.

Blue Jeans provides a high-quality, affordable solution that's designed to be adapted to each business's unique needs. Learn more about Blue Jeans below.

A Great Resource for Business Meetings

Business meetings use online conferencing not only to train and communicate with individuals in their own organization, but also to interact with those outside the organization, such as vendors, partners and clients. With impressive features such as group text chat and a 'Touch-to-Talk' option, questions can be asked and feedback given without interrupting the flow of the call. Meetings can be scheduled easily, and secure features such as encryption and firewalls allow for privacy that even the most confidential of enterprises need.

Improving Academic Courses and Group Projects

Virtual courses are common with most colleges, and Blue Jeans offers the interoperability needed for group assignments, study sessions or full lectures. Information can be exchanged with the entire party and sessions can be recorded for future reference. Whether you're a professor or a student, Blue Jeans can provide the cross-collaboration needed with its impressive architecture designed to work on multiple devices. In addition to this, data sharing capabilities can improve any call as important syllabi, lesson plans and study materials can be uploaded beforehand and shared as needed.

Learn how some of our education clients are succeeding using Blue Jeans.

Granting New Member Access is Simple

Not only is the Blue Jeans platform an all-encompassing tool that updates without additional hardware or software, it's also easy to introduce to new people. More endpoints can be added simply by purchasing the necessary licenses and virtual ports, and joining an online conferencing session requires only a Wi-Fi enabled device with a camera.

Customer Support and Additional Product Training

By purchasing this product, you automatically receive phone, email, and online support. Additionally, by signing up for the premium plan, you receive helpful features as:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Consultations
  • Product Training

Our passionate staff can help you troubleshoot and customize the solution to meet your unique needs. We can demonstrate, or record a training session so you can show colleagues and your other offices how our platform operates.

So what are you waiting for? Request a live online conferencing demo or sign up for a two-week unlimited free trial today!