Online Communications You Can Trust

All too often we're greeted with last-minute setbacks and stress in the moments leading up to our meetings. How are we supposed to focus and be mindful of the meeting agenda when we're worried about attendees accessing the platform or if there'll be enough support for the entire department to join? Or worse, can you even share some of the content you want to go over for fear of confidentiality breaches?

At the BlueJeans Network, we're all about using trustworthy online communications. This means a wealth of vendor interoperability, large-meeting support, and enterprise-grade security.

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Vendor Interoperability

In this age, there's not one unanimous device or platform people use for online communications, and BlueJeans is no different. From mobile devices and room systems to browsers, chat clients and audio bridging – BlueJeans works with whatever you're already using.

Multi-Party Meetings

A video conferencing platform without large-meeting support proves useless in a lot of settings. How do you hold office-to-office meetings, large client kick-off calls, or cross-department syncs? BlueJeans Business Plan supports 25 attendees, enough for the majority of your video conferencing needs. For large organizations, and especially ones with several offices, the enterprise plan ups your meeting support to 100 attendees. For the largest global organizations or companies that like to host webinars and interactive online events, BlueJeans Primetime allows 3,000 remote attendees and 100 interactive presenters to come together through a high-quality collaborative setting.

Enterprise Grade Security

  • Cloud Architectural Security: The BlueJeans service is hosted in multiple data centers around the world, kept in dedicated cages and racks and protected by 24x7x365 security.
  • Web Application Security: All user accounts are secure with authentication request sent over HTTPS and passwords SHA-256 salted/hashed in the database.
  • Admin Level Security: Create security policies for all users in your organization, such as Single Sign On or standard password configuration, default video endpoint type and your Change Password options.
  • Privacy: BlueJeans only stores basic user data in the database, such as email address, first and last name, company name, title, your profile picture, SHA-256 salted/hashed password, and username (Facebook or LinkedIn login if your authentication is setup as such).
  • Media Handling & Encryption: The crisp content sharing capabilities of BlueJeans is accompanied by leading media handling and encryption. BlueJeans supports standard-based AES-128 encryption and never records or captures any video or desktop-sharing streams without prior consent from customers.

Read about these Network Security features in-depth here.

There's not one quality of online communications out there. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud-based video bridging platform, or see for yourself by scheduling a demo.