Video Conferencing for Business Collaboration

Connecting face-to-face over video with colleagues and clients isn't enough these days. Large organizations need great online collaboration tools to keep employees synced and focused on that next momentum-changing project. Through the use of Rich Content Sharing, Meeting Recording capabilities and Group Text Chat features, Blue Jeans empowers organizations to collaborate smarter.

Read more about these effective online collaboration tools below.

Content Sharing

Share internal projects or discuss a deliverable face-to-face with the client, all up to 1080p resolution quality.

Collaborate with Blue Jeans using:

  • Dual Streaming Support
    Nothing supplements seeing a facial reaction, which is why Blue Jeans online collaboration tools keep the content and the presenter in equal view. Of course, users can also customize each window to the size that suits them best.
  • Zoom Capability
    Screen and content sharing can be pretty frustrating when you have to strain your eyes to see something, or the content itself has lots of details to absorb. Blue Jeans adds zoom capability to content sharing so users can focus in on anything they want to get a clear view on.
  • Wide File Support
    Trying to transfer or convert files, especially if your documents are in a lesser-used format, can waste a lot of time and energy. Blue Jeans supports the majority of video file types, like WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, MPEG, FLV, F4V, OGV, OGG and WEBM. As long as the files aren't encrypted or locked by digital rights management (DRM), you're good to go.

Check out our Video Sharing FAQ's for more information.

Meeting Recording

Not all meetings were created equal; sometimes the agenda strays or drags on and on. However, when meetings are on-point, record them with Blue Jeans Meeting Recording and store them on our cloud platform for easy sharing. Basic Recording is free for all Blue Jeans users while our Enhanced Recording feature comes with our premium package.

  • Sharing
    Sharing your Blue Jeans meeting recording is simple. Basic Recording users can download the recording from their account and email as an attachment to other colleagues. Enhanced Recording users have the option of copy/pasting a single URL to email along to colleagues for quick-viewing access in their browser. Only want certain people to view the recorded meeting? Users can customize who has permission to access before sharing.
  • Storage
    Living in the cloud has its advantages. Record and access meetings from anywhere with an Internet connection. Basic Recording users can store up to 5 hours of recorded material on their account and Enhanced Recording users enjoy unlimited storage.

Check out our Meeting Recording FAQ for more information.

Group Text Chat

When something comes to mind but you don't want to interrupt the person talking or disrupt the creativity at hand, Blue Jeans Group Text Chat feature provides an informal space for you to communicate instant thoughts and reactions to the discussion without derailing others' train of thought. Enhance the meeting's productivity by asking thought-provoking questions, sharing links and other relevant information in a way that'll be guaranteed to be seen by anyone it's sent to.

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