Mobile Video Conferencing Software

With Blue Jeans, staying in touch on the go is easier than ever. We know that work is an activity, not a place, and you should have a mobile video conferencing software system to accommodate that. Blue Jeans enables users to use their laptop, smartphone, or tablet device to easily connect with their colleagues. Let's take a look at some of the details:

Blue Jeans App for iOS and Android

With the Blue Jeans iOS and Android apps, business-quality video conferencing from your mobile device is a breeze. The app works with your Blue Jeans service, giving you access to the full range of video conferencing tools wherever you go. Want to share or view content? The Blue Jeans app features bi-directional document sharing, and real-time video file sharing while you're conferencing.

The app has native guest support with pinch to zoom, and lets you adjust the layout of conference participants to fit your needs. There's never a need to worry about your network connection, as the app is optimized for both Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE for ideal performance.


What's the best part about Blue Jeans on the go? It isn't just a mobile to mobile connection. The app lets you video conference with others regardless of which point of access they're using, so you can connect with other mobile devices, computers, or room video systems. The interoperable Blue Jeans app is fully functional, intuitive, and easy to use, so you'll never miss another meeting.

Simple to Use

Running a meeting with the Blue Jeans app is easy, with simple scheduling and intuitive controls. Its fully integrated with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for cross platform ease of use. Joining a meeting is as simple as opening an email invitation, and users can mute and change layouts as they see fit.

Sign up for your two week unlimited free trial and start taking advantage of mobile video conferencing with Blue Jeans today!