Microsoft Lync: Video Conferencing Expansion with Blue Jeans

Gone are the days of limiting your business with unsupported software investments. In the past, having your entire company unified on one chat network made sense, until it came time to communicate with outside organizations and clients that didn't use the same software. With Blue Jeans, collaboration is easy for Microsoft Lync and non-Lync users alike. With several compatible touch points, Blue Jeans users can expand the reach of their Lync software to reach non-Lync users. Instead of hitting roadblocks with conferencing platform incompatibility, they can move on with the meeting to focus on what really matters — productivity, collaboration and success.

Check out how Blue Jeans can expand the reach of your Microsoft Lync video conferencing service:

  • Lync in the Cloud
    Microsoft Lync users can leverage the Blue Jeans cloud-based technology to effortlessly connect to video conferences with non-Lync users using their existing room-based video conference infrastructure. That means no need for costly MCU bridges or hardware gateways — just high definition video with the equipment you already have.

    Get instant video access to users on the following room-based systems:
    • Cisco/Tandberg
    • Polycom
    • LifeSize
    Blue Jeans can also connect Lync users to:
    • Telepresence systems
    • Web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
    • Cisco Jabber
    Small and medium-sized businesses can now take advantage of the cloud by connecting their Office 365 Lync desktop users to any customer or business around the globe without the hassle of on-location bridging hardware.
  • Simplified Lync Federation
    If your company uses Lync, you're probably well aware of the Lync federation problem: either continue syncing with each of your many hundred customers, or open yourself up to risk by staying as an open federation. By federating with Blue Jeans, calls can be made with Lync or with another supported Blue Jeans endpoint. Enjoy the freedom to conduct meetings with the clients and partners of your choosing.
  • Supported Lync Environments & Clients
    We'd be naive to think every company ran the same applications and clients. That's why Blue Jeans supports a multitude of Lync environments and clients. Check them out below, or download our Blue Jeans Lync Data sheet.

    Supported Environments:
    • Microsoft OCS 2007 R2
    • Microsoft Lync 2010
    • Microsoft Lync 2013
    • Microsoft 365
    Supported Clients:
    • Office Communicator (R2)
    • Lync 2013 Windows client
    • Lync 2013 Windows client
    • Lync 2011 Mac client
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