Maximize Your Cisco Video Conferencing Reach

When we set out to build an intuitive, flexible communication platform that could enable employees to work in harmony with one another and develop genuine relationships, we also had our sights set on integrating with the most widely used conferencing systems across the globe. Cisco room systems are one such system.

Blue Jeans users can now pair their existing Cisco video conferencing equipment with Blue Jeans cloud-based video conferencing service to reach a wider range of endpoints. Resurrect your aging equipment and enjoy flexible scaling with Cisco-supported endpoints.

Maximize your Cisco video conferencing reach with the following Blue Jeans benefits.

Resurrect Your Aging Equipment

Cisco's been making video conferencing equipment for a while now, so it shouldn't be a surprise if you've been stuck with an outdated or limiting piece of technology. But before you decide to throw this equipment away or stow it in a backroom storage closet, you can protect your initial investment by injecting a fresh dose of Blue Jeans interoperability into your equipment.

When your company deploys a cloud solution like Blue Jeans, you extend your conferencing reach beyond your enterprise, while bringing many different forms of dispersed communications into one consolidated platform.

Pay and Scale As You Go

No matter the size of your enterprise, it can be difficult to find the right communication tools while still looking ahead to the future. As you've found out with buying hardwired, physical conferencing equipment, you usually have to make a guess as to how much equipment you'll need. No guesses are required with Blue Jeans. Accommodate your growing or downsizing efforts by adjusting your number of virtual ports and subscriptions. Pay for only what you're using and save valuable company resources.

Supported Cisco Endpoints

Blue Jeans integrates with a wide array of Cisco video endpoints. Check out the list below:

  • TX 1300, 9000 Series
  • CTS Series
  • MX200/300 Series
  • EX60/EX90 Personal Endpoints
  • C20 Kit
  • E20 Personal Endpoint
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Cisco 8900/9900 IP Phones with Video
  • Cisco Cius
Blue Jeans also meshes with the following Cisco infrastructure:
  • Cisco Unified Video Conferencing (CUVC)
  • Cisco Telepresence MCUs
  • Cisco Callway Hosted Service
  • Cisco Video Communications Server (VCS)
  • Cisco TelePresense Server (TPS)
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)

Resurrect that old room system and get flexible again. Sign up for an unlimited two-week free trial of Blue Jeans video conferencing today!