Management Solutions: Face-to-Face Discussion - Blue Jeans

It's hard to argue face-to-face meetings don't hold the most merit when it comes to communicating properly and leaping over work hurdles. But traveling to clients takes time, and isn't cheap. With remote teams spread across the globe, the need for a quality, dependable video conferencing solution is higher than ever. So what's the one-stop solution? Video conferencing with Blue Jeans. With countless options for connectivity and popular software-supported features, setting up a meeting is as simple as sending a URL.

Check out some of the features that make Blue Jeans video conferencing the perfect virtual solution to accommodate face-to-face discussions.

  • Sharing like you're in the Same Room
    Don't worry, that beautiful 180 slide presentation you slaved over will still be seen in the highest quality, up to 1080p. With dual-stream support, rest assured that the quality of both the video feed and shared content will stay top-notch.

    Blue Jeans also provides:
    • Standard-based file format support
    • Push to talk feature for meeting participants
    • Synchronous playback for meeting participants across all platforms from room systems, to desktops and mobile devices
    • Ability to pre-load files to your personal account for quick access during meetings
    • Scaling ability for shared video clips and meeting participants to satisfy individual needs
    Blue Jeans helps you:
    • Collaborate in real-time on shared video
    • Share rich content across geographies and platforms
    • Stop fussing with external media players
    • See reactions first hand with shared content and meeting participants both in view
    • View shared video at the same rate as everyone else on the meeting
  • Multi-Party Meetings
    Getting an entire company on the same page can be difficult, especially if that team is never in the same office. With the Blue Jeans Large Meetings add-on feature, the amount of audio or video endpoints available increases meeting limits from 25 to 100 with all the same supported devices. Hosts can fully take control by auto-muting participants upon entering and selecting specific participants to take the floor. It's a great option for corporate training, staff meetings, virtual classrooms and any other large scale information tank.
  • Meeting Recording
    Ever sit in a long meeting where you're not required to participate and one person is talking most of the time? You probably don't want to admit it, but you likely spaced out a few times. Whether you had personal things on your mind or were distracted by looming deadlines, you didn't take everything away from the meeting you should have. With Blue Jeans Meeting Recording Feature you can watch anything you may have missed and catch up with the team.

    Blue Jeans Meeting Recording can help you:
    • Record, document and store important meetings and content with your Blue Jeans account
    • Share training sessions with colleagues, customers and partners
    • Watch meetings via your browser window and share with a simple link
    • Access recordings from anywhere in the cloud
Sign up for a fourteen day unlimited free trial and witness firsthand the beauty of virtual face-to-face discussions with Blue Jeans.