How to Improve Your Online Corporate Training with Video

In today's globalized economy, in-person training isn't always an option. But, with Blue Jeans video conferencing system, online corporate training isn't just another option – it's a highly effective solution.

Blue Jeans allows employers to connect instantly with their trainees, whether they're on the other side of the globe or the office. As long as they have Internet access, new employees can participate in training sessions from their laptops, smartphones, and other Blue Jeans supported endpoints.

Find out about more about how Blue Jeans can revolutionize your business with online corporate training below.

Live Interactive Sessions

Blue Jeans sessions can host up to 100 participants at a time, while still accommodating options for customization and large-scale support. High definition sharing capabilities make delivering presentations simple, and negate the distractions inherent to large presentation halls. Users can also share relevant files and documents in real time, making it simple to follow along. Additionally, group chat capabilities allow participants to ask questions and receive feedback without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

Cost Effective

Not only is Blue Jeans' subscription based service affordable, but it also eliminates costs like travel or renting presentation rooms. You're team can dramatically reduce costs and save time with fewer factors and reservations to coordinate. By maximizing the number of employees that you can train without leaving your desk, you can maximize efficiency and focus on making your business more productive.

Benefits for Employees

All Blue Jeans users have access to the Basic Recording function, so they can review the session at a later date. Therefore, employees can focus on understanding the information rather than taking notes. Can't remember the answer to a question? Forget one of the steps from the presentation? Blue Jeans has trainees covered.

Benefits for Employers

Administrator controls keep the employer in control, so the session runs smoothly. And administrators have access to the Blue Jeans Command Center, which measures top users, endpoints and geo-distribution, real time quality metrics, and more to make the most out of your online training.

Instead of downloading endless software and external media players, Blue Jeans helps your business get right to the point. Sign up for your 14-day unlimited free trial and start using Blue Jeans group video conferencing for online training today!