How Team Conferencing Can Improve Collaboration - Blue Jeans Network

With Blue Jeans, your company has the tools it needs for more successful collaboration. Whether it's our intuitive controls, our streamlined content sharing, our signature platform interoperability, or something else, video conferencing with Blue Jeans makes your team's remote collaboration easier and more effective.

If you're interesting in learning more about team conferencing with Blue Jeans, you can check out information below:

Intuitive Controls

Blue Jeans gives users flexible command over their service, with intuitive controls that let you manage your video conferencing with ease. When new employees join your team, there's no need for extensive communications training, because the setting up a video conference with Blue Jeans is as simple as scheduling a video meeting through your existing calendar with Google Calendars and Outlook Calendar integrations.

Meeting organizers can then send a URL invitation by email to their invited participants. When it's time for the meeting to begin, participants simply open the URL and join the meeting. It couldn't be easier.

Streamlined Content Sharing

Blue Jeans users can also seamlessly share content within the video conference. Your team only need to leverage one communication platform during their collaboration session, with options to share files, documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, and even high definition video clips. Blue Jeans uses dual streaming technology to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the meeting for both the video feed as well as the content being shared.

If a user plans to deliver a remote presentation to the rest of the team, he or she can pre-load any relevant files to a personal account in the cloud, providing quick access when it comes time to present. It's the smarter way to support remote collaboration and monitor project progress.

Platform Interoperability

Of course, one of the most common roadblocks to remote collaboration is the lack of cohesive communication platforms. While geographically dispersed team often employ a variety of conferencing platforms to communicate, Blue Jeans can centralize and unify those communications into one interoperable service. Everyone can connect from the platform of their choice, whether that's their mobile device, their third party software system, their internet browser, or their dedicated conference room system. Because Blue Jeans users "dial-in" to the cloud, It's a secure, seamless conferencing experience for all that eliminates the need for an expensive hardware MCU.

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