Hosting a Live Meeting with Blue Jeans – Blue Jeans Network

For many businesses, live meetings occur daily, usually lasting a little over a half hour in length and consisting of three to four endpoints. Yet, for as often as they occur, the idea of hosting a live meeting still inspires stress for a lot of employees.

Whether worries stem from a client having trouble logging into the platform, or hoping the video streaming quality is good enough to see each participants and shared content — hosting a live meeting frazzles many professionals and not even for the subject matter of the meeting itself. Thankfully for these folks, the Blue Jeans cloud platform is here.

Keep reading to learn more about hosting a live meeting with Blue Jeans.

Seamless Calendar Integration and Add-on Tools

With so much of our workdays filled with meetings, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Blue Jeans offers a wealth of add-ons and downloadable tools to ensure your meetings stay in a centralized place of your choosing. Download our Microsoft Outlook Add-in to start, schedule and manage all your meetings, or take advantage of the Blue Jeans Scheduler for Mac to connect iCal and Outlook with a Blue Jeans schedule display in your toolbar.

Users can also choose from our Google Chrome or Safari Extension to integrate their Google calendars, or get the Blue Jeans App or Browser Plug-in for a universal solution. For enterprise-wide fixes, Blue Jeans Relay integrates calendars to room systems and in-office company tablets.

Large Attendance Capabilities

It's hard enough to find a time where several colleagues are free for a live video meeting, let alone worry if the service you're using supports the amount of attendees you need. Blue Jeans provides support for up to 25 interactive video endpoints and that number can be extended up to 100 with our Large Meeting Support.

Schedule meetings across large teams and satellite offices without the fear of participants getting locked out due to capacity. Host controls keep the meeting running smoothly and free of interruptions with the ability to auto-mute participants upon entry.

Hosting a live meeting has never felt so supportive. Sign up for an unlimited two-week free trial of Blue Jeans today!