Hosted Video Conferencing

Blue Jeans provides users across a range of industries with the hosted video conferencing tools they need to collaborate easily, securely, and effectively. There's no shortage of ways Blue Jeans can benefit an enterprise business. Whether you're looking for ways to streamline communications across a global network of offices, collaborating on a project with a colleague, or simply want to run your team through a presentation, Blue Jeans is ready to simplify things. With Blue Jeans, we're ushering in a new era of business communication with interoperable HD video conferencing. Check out some of the features that makes it such a special product below:

Meeting Recording

With Blue Jeans, it's easy to record your meetings. Basic recording functionality is included for all Blue Jeans users, allowing them to record, watch and share meeting including all audio, video, and content that is shared throughout the meeting. You can store and access recordings online through your Blue Jeans account or save them as MP4 files, so you'll never miss another important detail.

With the Enhanced Recording feature, users have unlimited storage with real time online playback, and options for annotating recordings and sharing recordings through links. Even if you missed the meeting the first time, Blue Jeans lets you catch up on every detail at your convenience.

Enterprise Friendly

Blue Jeans is the perfect enterprise video conferencing solution, with seamless calendar integration with Outlook or Google. Blue Jeans supports a single sign-on (SSO) and equips IT staff with a central admin console to set access permissions and passwords as they add and manage users.

Secure Video

Using meeting encryptions as well as firewall / NAT protections, Blue Jeans users can rest assured that all hosted video conferencing communications are protected by enterprise-grade security standards. With Blue Jeans, all information shared in your video conference is safe, secure, and confidential.

Content Sharing

Blue Jeans makes it easy to share high definition content over video conference. Our cloud based video conferencing solution has dual-stream to support the high quality of both the shared content and the video feed up to 1080p. Users can collaborate on shared documents, deliver presentations, and watch synchronized video content.

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