Helpful Video Conferencing Tools

Finding video conferencing tools in order to conduct business can be a difficult. Many times the tools you need are expensive or don't align with what your business needs. Which begs the question: what does your organization need to accomplish its goals and push the progress needle forward? What can enhance the level of your video conferencing and make it truly worthwhile? If real-time content sharing, flexible device interoperability and a cloud network architecture sound appealing, keep reading.

Blue Jeans gives enterprises of any size the video conferencing tools they need to simply get things done.

Multiple Platform Support

One of the things that set competent and helpful video conferencing suites apart from others is the ability to run on multiple platforms. In today's world we are becoming connected with more than just PC's. Now, tablets and mobile phones come with the capability to stream high quality video and audio. This means that any device with a camera and Internet can be used to connect to clients, partners and vendors from anywhere.

Blue Jeans video conferencing tools are designed in order to work on various browsers, operating systems, H.323 & SIP room systems, as well as popular chat clients like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Lync and Skype.

Ability to Share Information in Real Time

Sometimes you need to get an idea across that words can't do justice. We've already had image messaging capabilities and email for a long time, but what about a platform that takes these concepts and refines them into a complete collaboration platform? A helpful video conferencing tool is one that allows easy sharing of content or video, and supports all major file formats. Secure file sharing isn't something new, but being able to share it in real-time to all participants regardless of the device they're using, is. Our dual-streaming support also minimizes non-verbal miscommunication by displaying content and the person presenting it in separate view panes.

Using the Cloud

File management is a drag. Nobody wants to sift through various folders and files to share content on meetings, which is why Blue Jeans let's all users store up to 50GBs of content to their cloud account. All premium accounts receive unlimited storage; ideal for storing important recorded meeting clips without bogging down your personal computer. Users can also upload files ahead of their meeting and have instant access when it comes time to share on the call.

Blue Jeans provides a cloud-centric, interoperable and collaborative set of video conferencing tools, which empower enterprises each day to get things done. Now the only thing you need to figure out is: will your organization be one of them?

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