A Web Conferencing Services that Meet Your Needs

Flexibility is not something every business can boast about, but if we had it our way, they could. Blue Jeans was built with the goal of focusing on customer's needs, every step of the way. And it's resulted in an enterprise grade cloud communication tool that fits organizations of all sizes and industries. With cloud-based web conferencing services designed to operate when you need it, you can conference from anywhere with an Internet connection and camera-enabled Wi-Fi device.

Blue Jeans also helps businesses increase their productivity and save money on travel. Things like training sessions, in-person business meetings and important company announcements can all be done online in a high-quality fashion. Any standard Blue Jeans account comes with support for up to 25 interactive endpoints, however our Large Meeting add-on feature extends that number to 100. For the larger enterprises, Blue Jeans Primetime keeps the number of supported endpoints at 100 while allowing another 3,000 remote attendees to sit in. If a remote attendee needs to participate, you can transition them to an active participant at any time through the help of easy to use host controls. Save on travel expenses to use for the annual company party and host online interactive events across the globe with Blue Jeans.

We're here to make your web conferencing stress-free. Our software is compatible with many different existing conferencing platforms and equipment. Blue Jeans also includes a wide range of functionality that allows meetings to be recorded, streamed in high definition video, and synced with speaker or Bluetooth systems for crisp audio. Did we mention our content and video sharing that enables users to present information and share data?

Simply put, our software is user friendly, customizable and dependable. Our customer support team will work with you and your IT personnel to make sure Blue Jeans is custom-fitted to your organization's needs.

Blue Jeans Network is Where Flexibility Meets Accountability

With all of the benefits that our web conferencing software provides, it's easy to see why businesses are coming to us to integrate hassle-free communication system in their business models. Our sales associates will happily answer any questions you might have about Blue Jeans Network. Whether it's an impromptu meeting first thing Monday morning or a late-night meeting over the weekend, you can count on us to help make it happen. Our flexible web conferencing services are some of the most innovative on the market today.

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