Enterprise Video Webinar Hosting – Blue Jeans Network

Imagine being able to communicate simultaneously with 25, 100, or even 3,000 other people around the world, all accessing the meeting from the device of their choice. Blue Jeans is the video conferencing system that makes that a reality for your business.

Video webinars are becoming more and more popular, but sometimes, the effort involved in setting up the meeting can make it unappealing to set one up in the first place. Blue Jeans takes away that hassle by making it simple and streamlined to host a video webinar.

  • Easy to schedule: Simply click to join the webinar from your iPhone, Android, laptop computer, or room system.
  • Administrator controls: Minimize interruption and keep your webinar running smoothly administrator-only tools.
  • High quality video and audio: The Blue Jeans support team works with your business to ensure the highest quality possible based on your bandwidth availability. Delivering presentations right from your computer is a breeze.
  • Sharing: Share high definition video clips, files, documents, links, and text with our Group Chat capabilities.

Now, with Blue Jeans Primetime Events, up to 3,000 people can participate in fully interactive video broadcasts. Read one of our testimonials below.

With over 3,000 yearly events, we have TEDx organizers in every corner of the globe. Online video is the perfect way for us to connect, and this tool is making it possible for us to do this in large groups like never before.
Alex Rudloff, TEDx Chief Digital Strategist

Once you discover how seamless hosting webinars is with Blue Jeans, you'll also find that the potential for video webinar hosting is practically endless. Here are just a few of our many uses:

  • Provide distance-learning opportunities for your healthcare or educational enterprise.
  • Conduct quarterly business reviews for your non-profit.
  • Share sales pitches for your marketing start-up.

Not only are webinars useful for all types of meetings, but they also facilitate communication in almost any industry. From financial services to entertainment and events, we have you covered.

Discover more features like meeting recording, PTSN voice connection, and synchronized video sharing when you sign up for your 14-day unlimited free trial today!