Educational Conferences

At Blue Jeans Network, we pride ourselves on ushering in the future on communications. The future of business collaboration, healthcare, education, and virtually any other sector that involves human interaction. While the traditional classroom setting has its merits, virtual classrooms are proving an invaluable tool for thousands of students around the globe.

With the capacity to educate students on a larger scale, educational video conferences have the potential to reshape our learning systems. With broader accessibility and lower costs, educational conferences might just be the next big leap forward in schooling.

Want to learn more about Blue Jeans visual communications and its application for education? Look no further.

Who's Using Blue Jeans for Educational Conferences?

Let's take a look at some numbers:

Looking at the US News & World Report's top US college rankings, 7 of the top 10, and 20 of the top 50 colleges are currently using Blue Jeans educational conferences. Put another way, that's 63% of Ivy Leagues schools, and more than 40% of the top 25 MBA programs. Geographically, institutions in more than 34 states and more than 10 countries are using Blue Jeans. Here's why that is.

Broader Accessibility

With Blue Jeans, education can happen outside of traditional classroom walls. With hybrid classes, students can attend portions of their classes in person or online for greater flexibility. For universities with multiple campuses, a faculty member can deliver classes in their specialization to students at all campus locations, so no student misses out on the subject matter he or she feels passionate about. Check out the video case study to see how the University of Southern California uses Blue Jeans for its students.

Instructor Tools

On the instructor side, Blue Jeans provides a collection of helpful tools to help professors conduct their courses more effectively. With content sharing and document collaboration, academics can collaborate on research between different universities in real time, cutting back on time and travel expenses. Commuting to school for office hours is a thing of the past, as virtual office hours allow faculty members to hold student-teacher education conferences online. Everything from departmental and administrative meetings, to training and faculty interviews can be held over video conference with Blue Jeans.

Looking Forward

As the cost of education continues to rise, Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs are growing in popularity. With the potential to deliver large scale online learning courses for a fraction of the cost of traditional courses, these MOOCs are creating a new educational platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Blue Jeans is the perfect platform upon which to expand such programs and bring about a future with more affordable, accessible education.

For more information, download the Blue Jeans for Education Data Sheet and sign up for your unlimited two week free trial with Blue Jeans tools for educational conferences today!