Easy Remote Collaboration with Cloud Video Conferencing

Is your business powered strictly behind company walls? What happens when employees head to trade shows, stay home for a sick kid, or are traveling to meet clients? Your organization's engine shouldn't come to a halt because employees are elsewhere. Choosing a cloud video conferencing service over older hardwired systems allow employees to touch base from any location, so they can keep up to speed and continue to contribute and collaborate with the rest of the team.

Check out what cloud video conferencing with Blue Jeans can do for your business's productivity:

Avoid the Hardware Dilemma

Mulling over a large MCU hardware purchase with your IT team takes time and resources away from your normal day-to-day responsibilities. While the MCU might be a solution for internal communications, it's not going to benefit your employees that are on the road. With a cloud video conferencing solution, you enable your talent to work with greater flexibility.

Enabling No Walls Collaboration

Share important video clips and other content from your hotel room, train, airport terminal, coffee shop or wherever you may be, with Blue Jeans Rich Content Sharing. For larger files like HD videos and slideshows, users can preload files to their personal account to prepare for the meeting ahead of time.

Avoid troubleshooting file conversions to different formats with Blue Jeans' comprehensive support for all standard file types. See your external collaborators in crystal clear 1080p resolution. Blue Jeans dual steam technology keeps the presenter and the content they're sharing in plain sight crisp image quality. And with options to scale the window layout, you can adjust your view as you see fit.

Your Data Anywhere You Are

Blue Jeans Meeting Recording feature lets users record content, presentations and tutorials at a moment's notice. Because Blue Jeans lives in the cloud, all recordings can be securely stored to your Blue Jeans account for easy reference or sharing whenever you need. Don't worry about bogging down your laptop with video files, or bringing an external hard drive on the road. Blue Jeans enables users to document important events and store them on the cloud. The Enhanced Recording add-on feature makes sharing easy. Send a single URL that'll stream the recording from any browser window. Never miss an important meeting again with Blue Jeans Meeting Recording.

Make your business more agile today by signing up for an unlimited 14-day free trial using Blue Jeans cloud video conferencing today!