High Definition Content & Video Sharing with Blue Jeans

With Blue Jeans Network, dynamic collaboration is easy. Giving users an extensive collection of useful tools and features, Blue Jeans supports impactful communications. Whether they're delivering a sales presentation, pitching a service to a potential client, or hosting a project status update, Blue Jeans users can be confident that they're using the best medium to do so. Check out how Blue Jeans high definition content and video sharing features are helping users to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively:

Rich Content Sharing

With Blue Jeans, content sharing is fully integrated to the video conference, making it easy to collaborate on relevant files. Blue Jeans enables meeting participants to access documents, slideshows, and spreadsheets easily and intuitively, streamlining remote meetings and reducing endless email chains with revision after revision.

High Definition Video Sharing

Blue Jeans is capable of high definition video sharing as well, making it easy for users to watch a synchronized video without the need for an external video player. Go through a product demo or review an advertisement spot without leaving the video conference. There's support for all standard based file formats and planners have the ability to pre-load files to their own personal account for quick access during meetings.

Meeting Recording

One of users' favorite features of Blue Jeans is the ability to record meetings and store for later playback or review. With Blue Jeans meeting recording, all content shared during that meeting is also stored, so users can view the documents, slideshows, and videos that are important. And those recordings are accessible from anywhere through the cloud, so you get the information you need, right where you need it.

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