Connecting You Seamlessly

Cloud-based, open source video conferencing is a bright spot in the sometimes-confusing array of video conferencing choices. Blue Jeans is at the heart of the pushing a collaborative cloud-based alternative forward and ending the pains long associated with traditional video conferencing services.

Our cloud-based MCU is able to provide you with seamless, open source video conferencing from a wide range of endpoint hardware. We support most major brands and types of equipment including Cisco and Polycom, two of the most popular video conferencing equipment suppliers.

We also support Microsoft Lync and Google Hangouts, giving your users even more flexibility in their abilities to join the video conference by utilizing mobile applications.

Scaling is a Cinch

Blue Jeans makes it easy to configure your company’s video conferencing needs to the amount needed and nothing more. Virtual subscriptions can be purchased in any quantity desired, and scaled up or down at any moment. Our elastic cloud service saves companies sizable CAPEX investments and having to commit to a bunch of hardware without knowing the pace they’ll scale at in the future.

Providing the Smart Choice

As offices emerge, grow and change at different periods in a company’s history, purchasing the same video conferencing equipment for all locations can quickly become a chore, not to mention a burden on your IT team with endless hours of reconfiguration and installation tasks. And what happens when you need to connect with clients, or colleagues outside of the office? Blue Jeans integrates with all sorts of endpoints, so it doesn’t matter what someone on the other end is using.

Putting You in Control

With Blue Jeans handling all the configuration issues from our cloud-based video bridge, you’re free to concentrate on the content and direction of your video conferences. We’ll provide you with a dynamic visual interface that lets you control your video conference from your desktop, laptop or even mobile phone, allowing you to arrange the look and presentation of up to 100 different endpoint user images.

Using the Blue Jeans cloud-based MCU also allows you to screen share, meaning that content can be shared between endpoints. All data is enterprise-grade encrypted to assure you of your complete privacy and security when conducting sensitive video conferences.

A Blue Jeans, open source, video conferencing system provides you with both material and financial flexibility. It's a safe, secure and easily expandable solution to the often dynamic needs of video conferencing by ever-growing and adapting companies.

Give us a call and find out how customized we can make video conferencing for your company. Ready to begin? Sign up for a two-week unlimited free trial or schedule a live demo.