Online Collaborative Software

At Blue Jeans Network, we're changing the way people do business. With the digital revolution, business operations are migrating online, and with that migration comes the need for advanced online collaboration software. Cue Blue Jeans, the collaborative software your business needs to be an effective, competitive business in the modern world. Check out some of the features that make collaborating with Blue Jeans so unique.

One Centralized Communication Stream

With Blue Jeans, users can share content with meeting participants for a productive meeting that supports uninterrupted collaboration. Eliminating the need for external sharing via email, Blue Jeans lets meeting participants view the same files, documents, and spreadsheets within the video conference. Users can even stream high definition video content up to 1080p without external players. The dual-stream support ensures that both the shared content and the video feed are synchronized and high quality.

By centralizing all content and communication in the cloud, Blue Jeans creates a more streamlined collaborative experience, saving you the hassle of tracking several different message chains across various platforms.

For textual communication, meeting participants can send one another messages in the text field of the video conference for links and other useful reference information. With Blue Jeans, you can collaborate with colleagues on projects as if you were in the same room.

Scalable & Secure Enterprise Solution

Blue Jeans is committed to the highest standard of security and encryptions for your communications, using Firewall / NAT traversal protections to ensure your data is secure. Even in meetings involving mutual video platform vendors, you can be confident in our security and privacy.

Because Blue Jeans runs from the cloud, scaling your online collaborative software service is easy. There's no hardware MCU to manage, so increasing capacity simply involves adding additional licenses and virtual ports as the need arises, so we can grow with your business

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