Cloud Video Conferencing Bridge

Business communications just got a lot easier. At Blue Jeans Network, we've developed the solution to communicating with others using different conferencing systems. Thanks to our cloud-based platform, Blue Jeans users can connect with their colleagues regardless of which system they might be using. There's no need to invest in pricy MCU bridges or hardware gateways, because we connect everyone virtually on the cloud. With connectivity options for almost any internet enabled device with a camera, you're never going to miss another meeting. Learn more about Blue Jeans cloud video conferencing bridge capabilities here:

Room Systems

For businesses with existing conference room systems, external communications can prove a problem due to network restrictions and incompatible systems. Blue Jeans helps expand the reach of such systems, connecting users with external video conferencing participants regardless of platform. Wondering if your conference room system is supported? Blue Jeans has interoperability with any H.323 or SIP room system.

Browser Support

With the goal of making communications faster and easier for everyone, Blue Jeans supports access through all major web browsers on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. There's no need to boot up hardware systems or launch an application, because you can access full high definition video conferencing through your browser of choice. Connect with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, all with the full range of Blue Jeans video conferencing features.

Mobile Devices

Prefer to connect on the go? Blue Jeans has applications for your Android or iOS mobile device, so you can join your next video meeting on your smartphone or tablet. Not connected to Wi-Fi? Not a problem! Blue Jeans even supports business quality video and collaboration features over a 4G / LTE network connection for maximum flexibility. Blue Jeans mobile enables video conferencing between your mobile device and the full range of other connection ports, not just other mobile devices!

Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN Audio

Don't have access to a camera? Blue Jeans provides an audio bridge for users to dial in to meetings from their mobile phone or landline, so you can easily work from home or contribute to a meeting while you're on the way to the office.

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