Cisco TelePresence Video & Microsoft Lync - Connected by Blue Jeans

Microsoft® Lync® is a single, unified communications platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office® and other existing tools and systems. With Lync, users can keep track of their contacts' availability; send an IM; start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call—all through a consistent, familiar interface. A recent survey from InfoTrack (published in InfoTrack for Unified Communications: Analysis of Microsoft Lync's Impact on the Business Voice Market) is projecting that over 50% of US Enterprises have conducted or plan to conduct trials, and a significant percent plan to implement Microsoft Lync for their voice application in the near future.

Enterprises with Cisco TelePresence infrastructure - typically deployed in conference rooms, board room, meeting rooms are poised with the challenge about how to extend its functionality to desktop and mobile users using Microsoft Lync. 

Challenge to connect Cisco TelePresence and Microsoft Lync

Key Challenges

Though there are options available to facilitate this integration, they are:

  • Hardware-centric - add one more network element to manage.
  • Lacks on-demand scalability. Hardware is usually sold in fixed-port (capacity) configurations.
  • Cost prohibitive - in most cases. Requires upfront capex investment.
  • Most of the times adds a level of complexity in usability - which directly impacts user adoption.

The Blue Jeans Solution

Our cloud-based video conferencing solution has been designed from ground-up to solve such interoperability issues as well as making video conferencing easy and affordable.

With the Blue Jeans service, you can bridge your Cisco TelePresence setup to individuals using Microsoft Lync, both within the premises as well as those in remote offices. We currently support multiple deployment options with Cisco TelePresence. Click here to learn more. Blue Jeans solution is compatible with both Microsoft Lync Server 2010, as well as the older Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

Here are some of the key benefits of our solution:

  • Not only will you start benefitting from the enhanced collaboration with Lync users within your company, but it will also lead to higher usage and better ROI of your Cisco TelePresence investment.
  • Partner companies, individuals (consultants) and others can also be invited to participate in your meetings using video endpoint of their choice such as H.323 systems (Polycom, LifeSize, Cisco).
  • Additionally, by federating your Microsoft Lync setup with Blue Jeans, you can now seamlessly connect with other enterprises using Microsoft Lync. You no longer will have to federate with each individual company separately.
  • No additional hardware to deploy or maintain.
  • Easy to use with time saving features. 

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Blue Jeans integrates Cisco TelePresence and Microsoft Lync

Cisco TelePresence & Blue Jeans

Link up your Cisco TelePresence video with Blue Jeans.

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Seamless connectivity between Cisco TelePresence and Microsoft Lync/Microsoft Office Communications 2007 R2/Office 365 deployment in your company
  • Easy-to-use, seamless to connect and consistent user experience across all platforms/endpoints
  • Scheduling integration with Microsoft Outlook (Blue Jeans MS Outlook Add-in)
  • Click-to-connect from email invite (Similar to Microsoft Lync)
  • Multi-user video conferencing – up to 25 participants
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) - compatible with almost all the major video endpoints
  • Audio only conferencing with global access numbers - ideal for remote workers, users on-the-go
  • Secure - Supported by leading encryption standards: AES-128, AES- 256, H.235 V3, sRTP, TLS
  • Screen sharing / Content sharing (RDP support - coming soon)
  • Dynamic meeting visual layouts – control them from your desktop (Active speaker, Active presence, Constant presence)
  • Real-time reporting – call quality, bandwidth, etc for each participant
  • Audio codecs: G.711u, G.711a, G.722, G.722.1 24kHz, G.722.1 32kHz, G.722.1c/Siren 14, G.729A, iSAC, SILK 8kHz, SILK 16kHz
  • Video codecs: RTVideo , H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.261 with resolution up to 720p @ 30fps


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