Business Video Conferencing Applications

We designed Blue Jeans for the enterprise user, and have developed a range of useful collaboration tools and features to best serve that user. Your communication system should make your job easier, not complicate meetings. With its unique, cloud based interface, Blue Jeans is a lightweight solution for businesses that don't want to invest in expensive hardware or clunky software.

Blue Jeans is easily scalable to grow with your business, and it uses enterprise grade security protections to ensure that your information and user data stays in the right hands, yours. Want to know about some of the applications of business video conferencing? Check out some of the ways Blue Jeans is benefiting companies from interactive speaking events and mobile collaboration to sales pitches and product demonstrations:

Interactive Speaking Events

One of our newest features, Blue Jeans Primetime is giving users the opportunity to conduct fully interactive, large scale events during which audience participations is integrated and streamlined. Alex Rudloff, the Chief Digital Strategist for TEDx discusses the need for interactive video communication tools on this scale, "With over 3,000 yearly events, we have TEDx organizers in every corner of the globe. Online video is the perfect way for us to connect, and this tool is making it possible for us to do this in large groups like never before."

Primetime removes the traditional barrier between the presenter and the audience, helping organizers deliver a more impactful and engaging event. Organizers can invite observers from the virtual audience to become an active participant in real time, opening up the floor for meaningful dialogue and exchange through Q&A sessions. The next time your business wants to deliver a keynote address, conduct a webinar, or initiate a company-wide training session, Blue Jeans Primetime is your platform to do so.

Mobile Collaboration

While smartphones have long enabled employees to stay in the loop via email while they're on the go, productive collaboration often requires another level of connection. Blue Jeans users have access to the full suite of collaboration tools like content sharing and in-meeting messaging when they access Blue Jeans through the smartphone app for iOS or Android.

Employees traveling for business no longer need to put their tasks on hold while they spend time waiting in airports. With Blue Jeans mobile collaboration tools, that valuable time can be converted into productive virtual meetings, and not just from one mobile device to another. Blue Jeans connects your mobile device to conference participants using room systems, desktop software systems, or browser access, because you shouldn't be limited by your device.

Sales Pitches and Product Demonstrations

In any business, the sales team plays a vital role in new client and customer acquisition, and giving them the tools to do their job more effectively is one of the best ways to improve your outlook moving forward. Blue Jeans enables sales team members to meet with potential clients face-to-face, improving the chances of a successful deal while removing the need for travel expenses like flights and hotels.

Sales employees can conduct live product demonstrations with high definition video sharing, letting customers see how the product works for themselves. Users can accompany their pitch with a sales presentation, going through a shared slideshow and discussing the contents in a streamlined, synchronized manner for maximum effect. Blue Jeans can make your sales team more effective, so why wait?

Sign up for a two unlimited free trial with Blue Jeans business video conferencing, and experience better enterprise communications for yourself today!