Business Communication with Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans is designed with the enterprise user in mind, meaning we're always looking for new ways to better facilitate business communication. Blue Jeans gives users the connectivity tools they need to achieve the highest level of productivity in their digital collaborations and video conferences. Across a wide range of industries, Blue Jeans video conferencing and business communication tools make business relationships easier and more effective. Take a look at some of the features which make Blue Jeans such a distinctive solution.

Cloud Interface

Blue Jeans operates from the cloud, making it a fully interoperable business communication solution that can bridge the gap between disparate communication systems. Your job involves communicating with many different people throughout the day, all of whom could be using different systems.

Blue Jeans eliminates the constant switching back and forth between different systems because it pairs with virtually every major conferencing platform. Communicating with someone through Blue Jeans is clear and uncomplicated. Joining a meeting is as simple as clicking a URL invitation, letting you focus on the purpose of your meeting, rather than the set-up logistics of that meeting.

Blue Jeans connects:

Rich, High Definition Content Sharing

Blue Jeans facilitates high definition rich content sharing in your video conference. For business communications, being able to review a document, deliver a client presentation, guide a colleague through a spreadsheet, or even watch a synchronized video without an external media player make things simpler, more streamlined, and easier to follow

Add-On Features

For large scale corporations, there are some additional features which expand the scope of Blue Jeans service. With the large meetings add on, users can host video conferences with up to 100 endpoints and manage the flow of the meeting with intuitive administrative controls like muting new participants upon entry.

Among the other add-on features from Blue Jeans, there is also support for enhanced recording, which allows users to record their Blue Jeans meetings including all shared content, with unlimited storage, real time online playback, the ability to share recordings via link, annotate recordings, and set up auto-recording for meetings.

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