Blue Jeans Virtual Live Meeting Tools - Blue Jeans Network

With Blue Jeans, users enjoy intuitive and fully function video conferences thanks to innovative virtual live meeting tools. Blue Jeans provides everything you need for a virtual meeting experience as close to meeting in a physical conference room as possible. Whether you're delivering a presentation to customers, collaborating with colleagues, or discussing project progress with clients, Blue Jeans help your meetings flow smoothly.

Check out the virtual live meeting tools that make your Blue Jeans video conferencing experience a great one:

  • Administrative Controls
    With any large live meeting, over video or in person, things can get lost in the shuffle. In order to avoid confusion for larger scale conference, Blue Jeans equips meeting organizers with administrative controls to help the meet stay on track and on topic. Host controls include features like auto-muting conference participants upon entry to the meeting and switching participants between audience and interactive roles.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Blue Jeans uses the industry standard, widely compatible SAML, making single sign-on integrations and implementations a breeze with any large identity provider or SAML-based unique authentication process. You can find more information about enabling a single sign-on integration with Blue Jeans here.

    SSO Providers that Blue Jeans supports:
    • ADFS 2.0
    • Okta
    • OneLogin
    • Centrify
    • Shibboleth
    • Ping Identity
  • Rich Content Sharing
    Blue Jeans enables users to share a variety of content within the video conference. Meeting participants can share files, documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, and even stream high definition video content without the need for an external player. Users can share any relevant information in a single meeting window, making meetings more informative and engaging without sacrificing a streamlined meeting progression.
  • Meeting Recording
    If you're not one for taking meeting minutes, the Blue Jeans meeting recording tool is a life saver. Blue Jeans users can record, watch, and share their meetings, inclusive of any video, audio, or content that was shared during the meeting. With the Enhanced Recording add-on, users have access to unlimited storage and online playback, as well as additional options for sharing the recordings.
  • In-Meeting Messaging
    For users that want to send a quick link or include a message during their video conference, Blue Jeans supports in-meeting messaging. Rather leave the video conferencing window to send an email, meeting participants can simply include any information they might want to share within the conference, keeping all information contained and organized.

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