Best Video Conferencing for Businesses

At BlueJeans, we strive to make business video calls easier. Whether you're a small start-up or a large scale operation, our lightweight, cloud based video conferencing is going to fit you like your favorite pair of blue jeans. Our versatility makes us the ideal video conferencing client for a wide range of industries, serving everyone from healthcare providers to HR recruiters. Take a look at some of the reasons why more and more professionals are using BlueJeans, the best video conferencing tool for business:

Security Features

Our enterprise-grade deployment ensures that all meeting participants enjoy a high level of video call security. We use firewall / NAT traversal and encryptions, protecting user data and preventing unwanted access to any sensitive content being shared during the video conference. BlueJeans is safe, secure, and exclusively accessed by the participants you invite.


One of the key benefits of using Blue Jeans is our system's versatile interoperability, letting video meeting participants use the device and the video platform they feel most comfortable with. With our easy and intuitive interface, Blue Jeans lets everyone connect on the cloud, minimizing that pesky delay to kick off meetings, and keeping things running smoothly throughout.

SSO Multipoint Access

With support of up to 25 meeting participants in our standard video service and up to 100 with our Large Meetings add on, Blue Jeans is the perfect solution for large scale business communications. For businesses with a number of employees, our single sign on function makes conferencing access a breeze, and easily scalable to grow with the individual needs of your business.

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