Best Video Conference for IT Solutions

Regardless of the current “health” of the global economy, one thing that's here to stay is our need to communicate with each other from far-off corners of the globe in way that rivals a face-to-face setting. The state of your organization – no matter how large or small – depends on your internal and external communication capabilities.

Take a look why at the best video conference for IT solutions come with BlueJeans' video conferencing simplicity below.

Supreme Interoperability

Having a uniform way to do things used to be coveted by companies looking to stay organized and increase efficiency, but these days giving employees a choice in what they use is paramount to achieving their highest potential. BlueJeans is the best video conference for IT platform because there's no restriction on the platforms and devices to connect to meeting with. Connect to your meetings from any of the following endpoints:

  • BlueJeans iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Microsoft Lync, Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype
  • afari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • H.323 & SIP room systems
  • Third-party conferencing platforms – Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Avaya
  • PSTN audio bridging for mobile and landlines

Custom Scaling Options

When IT staff ponders which communication platform they should choose, the ability to scale unique to the company should be at the top of the list. Getting stuck paying for more service than you need is a waste of resources. BlueJeans allows you to pay for the exact amount of usage you need. Purchase virtual ports and subscriptions in any quantity you need, and scale that number up or down as your organization and its needs evolve.

Instantly Deployable

Making the switch to a communication platform that doesn't require hardware to install or software to download will be the best video conference for IT decision you'll ever make. Since BlueJeans is a cloud-based video bridging platform, there's no physical MCU, which makes the service instantly deployable from when you purchase your virtual ports and subscriptions. Companies are saving huge sums of money bypassing the CAPEX investment typically needed to invest in video communication infrastructure, instead vying for the ease of BlueJeans.

Check out Wainhouse Research's report on how saving up to 75 percent over a five-year span through ditching physical hardware.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Of course, all the bells and whistles in the world wouldn't mean much without top-notch, enterprise-grade security. No matter the industry, companies need a confidential way to share content and discuss internal matters free of worry about the security of their information. BlueJeans provides the following network security measures:

  • Cloud Architectural Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Admin Level Security
  • Privacy
  • Media Handling and Encryption
Go in-depth on our Network Security features here.

Monitor Performance

Perhaps just as important as Network Security is having a way to monitor and justify the investment you've made toward your video conferencing structure. BlueJeans Command Center gives IT staff a way to:

  • Troubleshoot issues and their root causes
  • Monitor several audio and video meeting metrics
  • Analyze proof of value through time, travel and carbon savings
  • Monitor platform usage and plan appropriately for the future
Command Center lets IT teams view important metrics like endpoint distributions, top users within a department or company, geo distribution and more. Dive further into the Command Center here.

The best video conference for IT teams to manage is unequivocally BlueJeans. Check out a recent research report objectively evaluating our platform here!