A Simple Web Conferencing Service

Today’s fast-moving entrepreneurs and their employees depend more than ever on web conferencing services. Your clients want to meet with you face-to-face, wherever in the world their business location might be, and your employees are increasingly demanding the freedom to live and work in different places.

These days, having a video web conferencing service is more important than ever. But as a business manager, you need a solution that’s easy to use, totally reliable and affordable. Blue Jeans offers an advanced web conferencing service that meets all of your needs for online video conferencing.

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Effortless Simplicity Thanks to Cloud-Based Software

Our system is cloud-based, meaning it’s ready to go without having to download any software or buy new hardware. And regardless of the device you use, chances are Blue Jeans will work with what you already have.

Without the need for additional computer hardware or telecommunication equipment, you can experience the best web conferencing possible, through your desktop, tablet, smartphone, room system or chat client. Say hello to remote collaboration at its finest.

Scalable Meeting Participant Volume

Blue Jeans web conferencing service can cater to your organization’s specific needs. If you need an online meeting for a handful of participants, we can do that. If you need a much bigger meeting – say, connecting up to 100 participants – we can do that too. Best of all, by using our Primetime Events Service, we can even scale up to 3,000 participants, making even your mass events as trouble-free as you can imagine.

With Sharing and Recording, You Have a Truly Powerful Collaboration Tool

With Blue Jeans, you have the power to do whatever you need to do in your meetings. Share documents, pictures, spreadsheets, or slide deck presentations in an instant. And if you want to record meeting clips, or the whole thing to share with other employees later, that’s easy too.

In today’s ultra-competitive business world, with customers, clients, and employees all over the globe, you need a web conference service that is ready to go when you are – without all the fuss and trouble. Blue Jeans can meet all your needs. We made our service hassle-free so you can spend all your time thinking about your own business goals, rather than worrying about how to use your web conferencing service.

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