Your Virtual All Hands Meeting

BlueJeans Primetime offers unrivaled virtual all-hands meeting solutions that are affordable and easy to use. Engage your audience like never before.

Let’s say you have a virtual all-hands meeting coming up but you haven’t yet selected a videocasting solution for your business. What’s the best way to engage and involve your remote audience? Do you need to spend big bucks on a pricey conference room system and hardware?

BlueJeans Network makes it easy to host large-scale virtual all-hands meetings without the need for expensive hardware upgrades or clunky software downloads. Introducing BlueJeans Primetime, an enterprise videocasting solution that combines the facility and convenience of collaboration tools with the quality and reach of a broadcast event.

With BlueJeans Primetime you can simultaneously host 100 speakers and cater up to 5,000 attendees around the globe. Looking to share a slideshow presentation or video? Take advantage of our cloud-based content sharing which combines seamlessly with your digital conference. Hoping to record the meeting for posterity? Save your virtual all-hands meeting, content and all, into our secure, encrypted cloud storage.

But what really sets BlueJeans Primetime apart from our competitors is the ability for audience members to become full-fledged participants. Viewers can digitally raise their hands and, with the help of moderators, can be promoted to the level of speaker so they can share their thoughts and questions with everyone.

BlueJeans products offer unrivaled visibility and control. For example, Command Center allows IT departments and administrators to monitor endpoint distribution, return on investment and historical information. This centralized meeting management tool empowers your teams to troubleshoot issues in real time. Plus, Command Center provides the information your organization needs to properly oversee resources and planning.

Of course, video conferencing isn’t just for town hall-style meetings. BlueJeans is fully scalable for any organization. So, whether you are regularly meeting with a team of eight core personnel or gathering 2,000 employees and partners, there is a solution fit for you. BlueJeans nixes restrictive contracts in favor of smooth scalability, providing only the number of licenses you need. Upgrade anytime.

 Still not convinced? BlueJeans collaborative solutions are used by some of the world’s top companies including AARP, BuzzFeed, RedHat, Facebook and Sephora. See what video-fist communication can do for your company culture. Get your Free Event today!

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Innovative companies listen and engage with their employees through face-to-face meetings, town halls, and all-hands events. But the traditional all-hands doesn't provide the interactivity necessary for a truly engaging experience when your employees are spread across geographic regions.

Fitbit uses BlueJeans Primetime to host all-hands events with up to 5,000 people, all of who can be promoted to speak face-to-face over video. Built on the scalable BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud, the use cases are endless.

Cross Department Meetings
Town Halls
Internall All-Hands
Company-Wide Trainings

Video Communications for everyone, everywhere

EVC Event Recording

Executives at Fitbit, LinkedIn, Viacom, and ADP share how live video has impacted their enterprise and set a new standard for company communications.


Drew Brees Event

To celebrate Super Bowl 50, New Orleans Saints? quarterback Drew Brees held a ?Big Game Chalk Talk? over BlueJeans Primetime to interact one-on-one with fans.