What Is Web Video Meeting
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What Is Web Video Meeting
Learn What Web Video Meeting is with Blue Jeans

Web video meetings help employees and clients to connect and collaborate with each other via video. It facilitates the use of desktop sharing, recording, chat, and start and stop video capabilities.

Web video meetings with Blue Jeans cloud-based video meeting platform increase work productivity and flexibility. Equipped with Blue Jeans video meeting software, employees and managers can let go of unyielding email chains and arrive at quick decisions. Whether it is sharing videos or presentations or connecting with multiple members, Blue Jeans makes it easy and effortless. As a web video meeting platform on cloud, Blue Jeans:
  • Connects up to 100 endpoints per meeting
  • Allows participating members to join video meetings from their smartphone or tablet using either a Blue Jeans iOS or Android app
  • Provides Firewall / NAT traversal and encrypted meetings, even in a multi-vendor environment to ensure enterprise security
  • Shares in high definition, up to 1080p resolution

Experience “converged conferencing” with Blue Jeans and share all relevant data to make web video meetings meaningful. Check out Blue Jeans today by enrolling in a free trial.


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