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What Is Video Conferencing Service
What Is Video Conferencing Service? Switch To Blue Jeans To Know More

With video becoming the new web, it is important to understand what is video conferencing service and how can it advance your web conferencing set up. Blue Jeans’ cloud based video conferencing takes your web conferences to a new paradigm. Connect to other conference room systems, mobile and computer devices from your conference room video system with no additional software or hardware installations.

Do you want to share videos during a video conference? With Blue Jeans’ Cloud video conferencing software enables you to:-

  • Push-to-talk feature for collaboration during video playback
  • Change the size of the shared video clip
  • Synchronous playback on any platform across all meeting participants , including room systems and mobile devices
  • Upload videos to make sharing during meetings easy

Blue Jeans makes it easy for you to access anyone you want to meet online. Blue Jeans successfully blends in business intelligence with consumer web conferencing solutions, allowing you to collaborate more seamlessly with your partners, colleagues, suppliers and your social network.

Decipher the true meaning of video conferencing systems with Blue Jeans. To know more about the flexible Video Conferencing platform check out Blue Jeans.

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