What Is Unified Communications And Collaboration
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What Is Unified Communications And Collaboration
What Is Unified Communications And Collaboration On Cloud? Switch To Blue Jeans To Learn More.

Widespread Cloud access to unified communication tools has maximized the accessibility and utilization, especially for remote and mobile workers. If you are wondering what is unified communication and collaboration on Cloud, Blue Jeans is here to help you.

Blue Jeans with its cloud based platform offers converged conferencing that is beneficial for workers on the go. Blue Jeans promotes unified communications by:-

  • Providing up to 25 endpoints per meeting. So be it client calls, product demo or team meetings Blue Jeans makes it easy.
  • Enabling the mobile workers to join meeting through a Tablet or Smartphone using a Blue Jeans iOS or an Android app.
  • Enabling participating members to share the latest budget-tracking sheet, marketing slides, spreadsheets, videos, presentations in high-definition up to 1080p.
  • Supporting single sign-on (SSO) and incorporating it easily to Outlook or Google Calendar for effortless scheduling.

Blue Jeans allows you to promote a culture of knowledge sharing and gives you competitive edge over your competitors. Want to know other advantages of video conferencing on Cloud? Check out Blue Jeans today!

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