What Is The Best Online Meeting Software
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What Is The Best Online Meeting Software
What Is The Best Online Meeting Software? Switch To Blue Jeans To Find Out The Answer.

The best online meeting software is one that provides seamless sharing of content, audio and video, and is able to scale meeting points depending on the user needs. It should be cloud-based, eliminating the need for any hardware or software updates.

Have you been wondering what is the best online meeting software? Switch to Blue Jeans and you can experience the benefits of hosting online meetings on Cloud. From company headquarters to branch offices, with Blue Jeans you can interact with anyone, anywhere in real time and share all relevant enterprise data.

Save valuable time by not waiting for replies on mail and use it to connect with your colleagues to arrive at smart decisions instead. With Blue Jeans Cloud based video conferencing software you can:-

  • Upload videos for easy sharing whilst online meetings with your members
  • Synchronous playback amidst the participants on any platform from conference room systems to mobile devices
  • Utilize the push-to-talk to interact whilst a video playback
  • Re-size a shared video clip
  • Share in real-time presentations, spreadsheets, important documents as well as recorded live sessions
  • View recorded or live videos and high quality audio conferencing.
  • Have access to analytics and reports along with online tests, surveys to increase productivity and develop a interactive and socially collaborative platform
  • Guarantee business security by setting up Firewall / NAT traversal along with encrypted meetings, in a multi-vendor platform

Promote strong bonds amidst your employees making face-to-face collaboration a reality! Blue Jeans make this a breeze. Check our website www.bluejeans.com today.


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