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What is HD Video Recording
Blue Jeans Offers HD Video Recording of Video Calls

Video conferencing is the most effective way of unifying work force that is scattered across the globe. Businesses can streamline their operations and also conduct training through video conferencing. It is important to record the proceedings of the online meeting for documentation purposes and future reference. Blue Jeans is a leading provider of collaborative video conferencing solutions that are compatible with any device or platform. Blue Jeans offers high definition (HD) video recording of video conferences.

The features of Blue Jeans HD video recording services are:

  • Record the entire video call, including content, audio and video clips that were shared
  • Online storage and access to the recording in the Blue Jeans account
  • Watch the meeting through the web browser and share it through links

Blue Jeans HD video recording feature is particularly useful in training sessions, where the shared content can be preserved for knowledge sharing purpose. Blue Jeans HD video recording can be accessed from anywhere through the cloud. Interested in Blue Jeans? Schedule a live demo today!

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