Virtual All Hands Interactive Meetings

Revitalize your virtual all-hands meetings with BlueJeans Primetime. Engage and involve your audiences using our secure, interactive videocasting solution.

Today’s workforce is more spread out than ever before, which why seo organizations use virtual all-hands interactive meetings to bring together on-site and remote workers. If you are looking for a videocasting solution for your next town hall-style meeting, BlueJeans Network has you covered.

Introducing BlueJeans Primetime, an interactive videocasting tool that combines the reach and quality of a broadcast event with the convenience and flexibility of a video conference. Join, view and participate from any device including tablet, smartphone, desktop web browser or SIP & H.323 conference room systems. BlueJeans Primetime allows for up to 100 speakers and 5,000 remote attendees.

Enjoy slideshow, video and content sharing or our easy to use cloud-based meeting recording. BlueJeans also offers moderator controls and white glove support to ensure that your next event goes off without a hitch.

Of course, what sets BlueJeans Primetime apart from other virtual all-hands interactive meetings is our ability to engage and involve remote audiences like never before. Empower your audience members to raise their hands virtually and get promoted to the level of speaker. This allows viewers to get in on the action and share their thoughts and questions in front of everyone. Make every employee feel connected at your next town hall or all-hands meeting.

Security Features You Can Trust

Collaborative solutions are all about bringing people together, but ease of access for video-first communication should never sacrifice your company’s safety. BlueJeans protects your most private conversations. Our end-to-end encryption only allows for encrypted endpoints to join your meeting, and our cloud-based recordings are shared and stored in encrypted environments so your conversations stay exactly where they need to be.

Not to mention that BlueJeans is SOC2 compliant and utilizes intelligent firewall and NAT detection.

Our Customers Love Us

BlueJeans Primetime is the preferred virtual all-hands interactive meeting solution for some of the world’s top organizations including Wikia, RedHat and the University of Michigan.

In fact, Illumina’s global audio visual manager Dan Hammer said, “With BlueJeans Primetime, we were able to really enhance the collaborative experience for all of our employees globally by bringing in multiple video sites and streaming out to thousands of people simultaneously.”

Interested in seeing BlueJeans in action for yourself? Take Primetime on a test drive during your next virtual all-hands meeting. Get your Free Event today!

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Innovative companies listen and engage with their employees through face-to-face meetings, town halls, and all-hands events. But the traditional all-hands doesn't provide the interactivity necessary for a truly engaging experience when your employees are spread across geographic regions.

Fitbit uses BlueJeans Primetime to host all-hands events with up to 5,000 people, all of who can be promoted to speak face-to-face over video. Built on the scalable BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud, the use cases are endless.

Cross Department Meetings
Town Halls
Internall All-Hands
Company-Wide Trainings

Video Communications for everyone, everywhere

EVC Event Recording

Executives at Fitbit, LinkedIn, Viacom, and ADP share how live video has impacted their enterprise and set a new standard for company communications.


Drew Brees Event

To celebrate Super Bowl 50, New Orleans Saints? quarterback Drew Brees held a ?Big Game Chalk Talk? over BlueJeans Primetime to interact one-on-one with fans.