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Video Meeting Software
Real Time Interactions With Blue Jeans Cloud Video Meeting Software

Why get into endless e-mail chains, when with cloud based video meeting software you can interact with your colleagues in real time? With a Blue Jeans account, an internet access and a video-enabled device, and you can seamlessly communicate with your colleagues.

Blue Jeans cloud-based video collaboration service offers "multi-party meeting" that:

  • Supports nearly 25 endpoints per meeting, making it extremely suitable for global team meetings, online courses, and sales calls or HR interviews
  • Allows you to attend video meetings from any mobile device
  • Allows you to share the latest content like marketing slides and budget-tracking sheet in HD(1080p)
  • Offers complete dual-stream support for high quality video feed

Make your business more productive and agile with Cloud based video conferencing tools. Switch to Blue Jeans today!

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