Video Conferencing Vs Web Conferencing
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Video Conferencing Vs Web Conferencing
Video and Web Conferencing Solution

Traditionally, web conferencing was used for content sharing while video conferencing focused on provide face-to-face interaction. Web conferencing is and was used where there is a larger group to be addressed such as for presentations and webinars. They were also designed for individuals to easily join from their desktop. Participants can engage through chat or desktop sharing.

On the other hand, Video conferencing can take place anywhere: from desktops at work, conference rooms, universities, home offices, mobile devices, and from anywhere when we work remotely. It is most frequently used for meetings between two different locations and requires specialized equipment at both locations and uses more bandwidth..

However, today the difference between these two conferencing tools is blurring, with web conferencing applications adding two-way video capabilities and video conferencing solutions including the ability to share content and present.

Blue Jeans Web and Video Conferencing Solutions – The Game Changers

More business users adopt the value of online face-to-face interactions as technology evolves. At Blue Jeans Network, we see the adoption of video moving r in the future and being used in a number of different ways.

Blue Jeans cloud based video conferencing solution helps give the capacity and flexibility without the expensive price tag of an on-premise solution. We provide room-based video conferencing support, multi-party video, audio-only capability, mobile device, with flexible pricing.

Besides being cost -effective, Blue Jeans is a tool that IT can easily get behind as it makes their job easier. It's a win-win for everyone. Partner with us today for our web & video conferencing solution.


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