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Video Conference Meeting Software

Upgrade to Cloud-Based Video Conference Meeting Software with Blue Jeans

Online meetings become easy and organized with the help of cloud-based video conference meeting software. To experience Blue Jeans seamless video conferencing, you need only internet access, a video-enabled device, and a Blue Jeans account.

Blue Jeans cloud platform simplifies the complications of hosting a video conference with mobile workers. Video conference is the best medium to communicate when you are on the go as you can access the conference using a tablet or smartphone device. With Blue Jeans video conference meeting software you can:

  • Scale shared video clip to ideal size
  • Upload videos for easy sharing during meetings
  • Share presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and recorded live sessions in real-time
  • Use push-to-talk for collaboration during video playback
  • Synchronize playback on any platform, including existing room systems and mobile devices
  • Access detailed reports and analytics, online surveys, and tests to maximize productivity and create a highly interactive and socially collaborative experience
  • Watch live or recorded HD videos

During the conference, Blue Jeans enables you to send links, questions, and other relevant content without affecting its flow. Do you want to shift to an upgraded cloud-based video conferencing platform? Experience Blue Jeans innovative video meeting software by taking advantage of our offer of a complimentary trial today.



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