Video Conference For iPad
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Video Conference For iPad
Truly Mobile Meetings

Blue Jeans video conferencing is an affordable and flexible way to meet the collaboration needs of your business. Blue Jeans extends your current video deployment to users on mobile devices without the need for additional hardware or software. By extending your video conferencing offering to iPads and other mobile devices, you are improving the responsiveness and productivity of your team while giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Being network and device agnostic, Blue Jeans is compatible with most of the consumer and business video conferencing systems available. These include desktop solutions, iPads, room systems, and mobile devices.

Using Blue Jeans Video Conferencing for iPad:

  • Affordable Video Conference Rooms - Quickly and affordably converts any meeting room into an HD video conference room.
  • Mobile Application - Join or host meetings from your mobile device and share content, record meetings and more.
  • Flexibility - Blue Jeans allows users to join meetings anyway they want. From a high-end board room one day, to a laptop at home or even a mobile device from the airport, Blue Jeans supports every need.

If you would like to try Blue Jeans video conferencing from your iPad or iPhone, sign up for your free trial or request a demo today!


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"Blue Jeans had an immediate positive effect on our productivity"

Tim Rubert,

VP Sales & Business Development, Sarnova

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