Online Webcasting And Videocasting

Video collaboration can only exist with a superior online webcasting service. Click here to learn why BlueJeans is the platform that your business needs.

In the hyper-connected office space of today, collaboration requires a superior online webcasting service. Most big corporations do not have one central office to work out of anymore; instead, there are many satellite spaces for employees to conduct their work.

Keep reading for some BlueJeans features that make it the online webcasting platform your business needs today.

Scalable Service

Scaling up your service requirements is a breeze with BlueJeans! As your business grows in personnel, you simply have to purchase the new amount of licenses and virtual ports as needed. Your new staff members will be able to access our entire suite of online webcasting features as soon as they create a log-in.

BlueJeans Primetime

When preparing your all-hands, town-hall or other global event, you need a platform you can count on. With BlueJeans Primetime, you can merge the live experience of video, high-quality content sharing, and an immersive collaborative encounter in one simple-to-use setting. BlueJeans Primetime allows for 100 interactive participants and up to 5,000 global broadcast viewers. There are moderator controls that puts your moderator in the captain’s chair and grants master access to all functions of the meeting to ensure the event goes off without a hitch.

Interoperable with Third-Party Services

Collaboration is dependent on the ability to effectively communicate ideas back and forth. Forget the expensive installation of integrated services or clunky hardware. BlueJeans has native functionality with the following third-party brands:

BlueJeans also offers additional apps, add-ins and extensions for different browsers and services.

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Get 1 Free Event

Innovative companies listen and engage with their employees through face-to-face meetings, town halls, and all-hands events. But the traditional all-hands doesn't provide the interactivity necessary for a truly engaging experience when your employees are spread across geographic regions.

Fitbit uses BlueJeans Primetime to host all-hands events with up to 5,000 people, all of who can be promoted to speak face-to-face over video. Built on the scalable BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud, the use cases are endless.

Cross Department Meetings
Town Halls
Internall All-Hands
Company-Wide Trainings

Video Communications for everyone, everywhere

EVC Event Recording

Executives at Fitbit, LinkedIn, Viacom, and ADP share how live video has impacted their enterprise and set a new standard for company communications.


Drew Brees Event

To celebrate Super Bowl 50, New Orleans Saints? quarterback Drew Brees held a ?Big Game Chalk Talk? over BlueJeans Primetime to interact one-on-one with fans.