Online Meetings For Mac
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Online Meetings For Mac
Blue Jeans Helps Manage Large Video Meetings

Blue Jeans Network is a leader in online cloud based video conferencing and meetings. Blue Jeans provides enterprise grade, secure cloud deployment. It enables you to conduct meetings with privacy and confidence thanks to its encrypted meetings and Firewall / NAT traversal even in a multi-vendor environment.

IT staff can utilize a centralized Blue Jeans admin console to add and manage users and access permissions and passwords. Blue Jeans online meetings supports single sign-on and integrates seamlessly with your Outlook or Google Calendar for easy scheduling.

You can send links, questions or other communications during your Blue Jeans meetings without disrupting their flow. By posting relevant information, you can greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of your meetings.

When you sign up for Blue Jeans, you are automatically enrolled in our standard service plan which includes online, phone, and email support. You can also upgrade to our premium plan to get 24x7 support, technical consultations and training.

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