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Online Meetings

Safe travel for your vacation. Online meetings make your job easier.

In recent years, there has been a significant change in the way people meet. In-person meetings, although pleasant, consume a lot of wasted time. Whether its a plane ride, car ride across town or a walk across campus, time is wasted getting to/from the meeting. Today, over fifty percent of business professionals choose to conduct meetings remotely. The traditional conference call has been left by the wayside and more and more people are turning to video as the meeting choice of today. We're a culture of "connected" people and practically every device manufactured today has a video camera.

Why remote meetings? It's simple, people like to see people they work with.

Survey Findings on Online Meeting

  • Face time helps businesses close deals. 70% of business owners think no face time during a meeting is a deal breaker, underscoring the importance of face-to-face interaction through video conferencing.
  • Video meetings force people to stay focused instead of multitasking or even napping, which six per cent of people admitted to doing during audio-only meetings.

Advantages of Online Video Meetings

  • It’s effective. When people can meet online from anywhere, things are done quicker. A short video conference can easily eliminate long email conversations. Online video meetings tend to have more energy that fuels discussion, brainstorming, collaboration and problem solving.
  • It's more complete. Video conferencing captures nonverbal cues from people that make communication more complete. This allows the host or speaker to react and adjust speech or responses accordingly.
  • It's personal. The simple fact is, if you're a remote worker, it is nice to put a face to the voice. Seeing who you're meeting adds a richer dimension to meetings that makes it as close as you can get to being in the same room.

How Are Organizations Using Blue Jeans?

  1. Distance Training/Learning: Extend the training room beyond the walls of your office to anyone who has a video enabled device and Internet access.
  2. Global Workforce Communication: Connect with remote teams from across the world, no matter what video meeting platform they are using.
  3. After Office Hours Communication: Reach people even after normal office hours to discuss critical issues or to complete urgent jobs.
  4. Multiparty Collaboration: Discuss and share ideas. Work with people within your organization or outside, including partners, vendors and customers.

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