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Online Collaboration Software With Video
Advanced Online Collaboration Software with Video from Blue Jeans

Getting all your colleagues in a conference room is the perfect way to boost productivity and speed up decision making. With Blue Jeans cloud-based online collaboration for software with video you can achieve this engagement cost-efficiently.

Blue Jeans cloud-based video conferencing service allows you to:

  • Connect with more customers – With an Internet access and a video-enabled device you can connect with more customers to increase productivity
  • Engage experts – Offers access to an expert speaker for your team meeting or an expert witness for a high-profile court case, without incurring travel costs
  • Maintain compliance – Comply with corporate reporting requirements by arranging video conference board meetings

With Blue Jeans you don't have to determine how many accounts you require. We provide plans with unlimited accounts and unlimited usage as per your company size. Find out more about Blue Jeans' online collaboration software with video by visiting our home page

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