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Do you want to know the ways to schedule repeat or one-time online meetings, invite participants and allow innovative choices like disabling exit/entry tones and review personal meetings? If yes, Blue Jeans can help.

Blue Jeans streamlines the complex nature hosting a meeting with external parties. Video conference proves beneficial for any meeting where the members cannot be present in one location. Use Blue Jeans to:

  • Access video in your offices without the requirement for costly and dedicated video systems at every location
  • Host client and internal meetings online without fretting what technology remote attendees can access
  • Organize your team meetings, for geographically distributed companies
  • Share customer presentations and host internal meeting for your software reviews and many others
  • Training, recruiting and board meetings

Blue Jeans cloud platform is effective, consistent and delivers an HD video experience to users and empower them with the flexibility to be mobile whilst a business meeting. To know more check out Blue Jeans!

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