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Macbook Pro Hd Video
Experience MacBook pro HD video with Blue Jeans

Utilize the services of Blue Jeans for cloud-based video conferencing to experience MacBook pro HD video quality. The types of video files supported by Blue Jeans include MOV, WEBM, F4V, WMV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG and OGG.

Combine a Blue Jeans account with your MacBook pro, Internet access and web camera to join an HD video meetings. Blue Jeans video conferencing service:

  • Provides cross-platform support
  • Offers integration with Outlook and Google Calendar for scheduling
  • Provides Zoom feature that allows users to zoom in on the content being shared
  • Provides NAT/Firewall traversal.
  • Offers single sign-on

Blue Jeans MacBook pro HD video sharing allows you to upload HD video clips and share them with other meeting participants. Playback is synchronous across all meeting endpoints. Learn more on MacBook pro HD video by requesting Blue Jeans a free trial.

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