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Improve business productivity with Blue Jeans video conferencing

It’s always fascinating to look at the ways video conferencing can positively impact a business, from helping to improve customer relationships to increasing overall productivity. In a time where remote working is constantly on the rise, businesses need to take advantage of it to enable their employees to work from anywhere, whilst maintaining efficiency.

With that in mind, we recently launched our 2015 Upcycling Research Report, a thought-provoking industry insight piece looking at how businesses currently use video conferencing, how it impacts them and what is currently holding their progress with the tool back.

It found that whilst businesses recognize the benefits of video conferencing, almost half (41%) still lack the technology to use it effectively. It is clear that there is a significant gap between what organizations see as a useful tool and the number of businesses who physically have the right technology in place to make use of it.

The report also found that video conferencing:

  • Increases productivity: 59% believe video conferencing has led to increased employee productivity in their business
  • Builds better business relationships: 67% of IT and Operations decision makers, feel that it has resulted in better internal morale and stronger intra-organizational relationships
  • Reduces time needed to complete tasks: 82% agree that it reduces the chance of miscommunication in their business It is clear that video conferencing brings a number of benefits to organizations, especially as demand for flexible working increases. To keep productivity high, build business relationships and increase efficiency, they need to fully embrace the technology.

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