Hd Video Vs Standard
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Hd Video Vs Standard
Blue Jeans Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Service Supports HD Video Sharing

The HD video vs standard video argument has a clear winner now. Web conferencing requires HD video sharing to be effective. Blue Jeans cloud video conferencing platform allows you to share the latest marketing slides and spreadsheets in HD, to a resolution of 1080p. Blue Jeans also provides a dual-stream capability to maintain quality of shared content and video feed.

Blue Jeans can support all kinds of video files like the WMV, WEBM, F4V, MOV, AVI, OGV, MP4, MPG, FLV, MPEG, and OGG. Blue Jeans helps you:

  • Upload your videos for quick sharing during online meetings
  • Synchronous playback for meeting participants on any platform, from the room systems to mobile devices
  • Make use of the push-to-talk for collaboration feature during video playback
  • Adjust shared video clip and change it to an ideal size

Blue Jeans helps you share links, questions and other vital data during your online meetings in HD, while keeping the meeting flow intact. Gone are the days of SD video. To experience HD video sign up for your free trial today.


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Tim Rubert,

VP Sales & Business Development, Sarnova

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